HHCI Programs and Activities

Carlies Yariel Smith (CYS) and Walter L. Smith III (WS-3)

Monthly Meetings

Monthly Meetings occur through "local chapters" for youth of all cultures and ethnicities (ages 13-21)

P.L.A.Y.E.R.S. For Life Mentorship

A year-long mentorship program for youth desiring potential career paths in the field of Arts & Entertainment.

TRENDSETTER's Conference

The annual conference of established industry professionals, youth advocates and artists that gives back and encourages to the communities of youth that supports them.

Artists Spotlight

A video blog and interview of underground artists, commercial artists, and Christian Hip Hop Artists that share the "real" message behind the music.


The cultural and social commentary of WS-3 and CYS of HHCI-TV that concerns trending topics and the latest industry news about "Hip Hop" related topics like -- culture, community, consciousness, and cause

Local Talent

Wherever there is an established HHCI Chapter around the country, we want to spotlight "local talent".

2 Hour Christian Hip Hop Mix

Check out this bomb playlist!